Our marketing advice and consulting services include;

  • Marketing Coaching for managers and employees
  • Marketing Consulting 
    • Strategic Development
    • Strategic Implementation Oversight
    • Segmentation
    • Market Research
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Marketing Activity Calendar Development

With the ever changing world of marketing, thanks to the digital age, it is very challenging for organisations to keep up. Sometimes having a sound board or another resource to help can be of benefit.

Sodablue are Certified Practising Marketing experts that provide different types of marketing advice be that on your; marketing plan, brand or marketing strategy, latest video, social media platforms, print collateral, or developing your next campaign. We are marketing generalists and can assist with steering you in the right direction to ensure you get the results you need, out of your marketing.

We love working along side CEO's/directors, CMO's/marketing managers and teams to inspire, guide and empower them to bring their organisation's brand to life for it's staff, customers and future customers.

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 ‘Karin has worked on a number of projects that required a high degree of marketing skill, while also balancing the ability to apply things in a practical way. She balances this perfectly helping the Marketing team with her expertise on brand, campaigns, marketing strategy and team development. Karin works well with different teams and skill levels and balances professionalism and a friendly approach perfectly. ’

Bec Schafer, Marketing Manager, YMCA VICTORIA. (NOT FOR PROFIT)

my little perfect

With the insight that Karin, Sodablue's founder, provides, along with her passion to find the gap in the market for your brand, develop campaigns directed to your target audience and support you as an individual in this process, I couldn't recommend Sodablue highly enough. They provide a thorough, directed, targeted and caring approach to building your brand.'

Maggie Vaiopoulous, Founder - Artist, MY LITTLE PERFECT (START-UP)



For information on our marketing consulting and advisory services email hello@sodablue.com.au or call us today m: 0409 501 270

Certified Practising Marketer