About Miles

For more than 90 years, Miles Real Estate (Miles) has been privileged to provide first class real estate services to property owners throughout Banyule and beyond. Miles have a high reputation consisting of 5 partners and over 60 local staff. They provide services in both Residential and Commercial property and have a large Property Management portfolio consisting of over 2000 properties in Banyule.


In 2015 Miles approached us to develop a marketing strategy and plan across the business that would provided a central and co-ordinated approach to ensure they remained relevant in the local market. 


A brand and marketing strategy for the business which included a brand refresh to highlight the history, superior experience and local attributes of the brand which are their key differentiators. A marketing calendar was also created to support the implementation of the strategy.

Services provided

We have provided the following services and support to Miles;

  • Purpose 'why?' workshop
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Refresh
  • Content Marketing Strategy (inc video)
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Planning
  • Client Research
  • Campaign management
  • Ongoing Brand Marketing advice and coaching

What they said

'Karin has been instrumental in providing strategic marketing solutions across all segments of our business, including: driving future growth from both new and current clients, protecting our existing market share and repositioning our brand. 
We have no doubt that this could not be achieved without the expertise and skill that Karin has brought to our business. 
Karin has taken away the unknown and the uncertainty around how to ensure we maintain market relevance without losing focus of our vision, purpose and values. 
Karin's approachable and likeable manner has made the journey a smooth process. We would highly recommend Karin to any size business and are confident she could provide the same level of expertise and professionalism as we've experienced.' 

Damien Carter, Director, Miles Real Estate.

‘Content Empire had the pleasure of working alongside Sodablue Marketing during the significant brand refresh undertaken by Miles Real Estate. As suppliers of content marketing services, we rely on a clear understanding of the client’s brand direction, marketing objectives and desired outcomes. Karin from Sodablue is a clear, engaging communicator who really knows her stuff! She provided strong direction whilst also enabling positive collaboration - bringing out the best in everybody involved in the project. Her strategic thinking and documentation was first class, making our job so much easier. Karin is a rare mix of bright ideas and professional execution. We look forward to working with Karin and Sodablue again.’




Case Study : THE START UP


Kontrast is a Melbourne-based Property Styling company specialising in creating spaces that align style with an understanding of each property’s primary target market. Having created strong relationships with Melbourne’s leading real estate agents, their design services are focused on ensuring that each property is presented in its most attractive fashion for sale.


Services provided

In 2017 Sodablue was engaged through the creative agency LBD Studio’s to assist in the Brand Naming process of the NEW Interior styling company for the real estate industry and assist with developing the Brand and Marketing Strategy and Planning for the new brand.

We provided the following services and support to Kontrast Interiors in conjunction with LBD Studio's;

  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning Workshop

What they said

‘So much love for Sodablue and LBD Studio’s. You both simply didn’t create our brand you are truly a part of it. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.’


‘Collaborating with Sodablue at the start to build a brand and marketing strategy setup our creative process for complete success.’







About YMCA Victoria

YMCA has served the Victorian community since 1853. With around 8,000 staff and volunteers, YMCA deliver services at more than 150 locations every day in settings including camps, student accomodation, community recreation and sporting facilities, swimming pools, early education, schools and kindergartens, youth services and youth justice facilities.

Since 2011 Sodablue has partnered with YMCA Victoria to ‘bring out the best’ in their iconic global and local brand.

Initial Challenge

To develop a brand strategy to ensure YMCA Victoria remained relevant.


An inspiring brand essence and brand strategy that the whole business could successfully support and implement. A brand refresh was part of this strategy piece which was rolled out in Victoria and Nationally.

Services provided

We have provided the following services and support to YMCA;

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Research briefing (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Brand Management team guidance and support
  • Brand Campaign Development Projects
  • Fundraising Strategy Development
  • Segmentation Development
  • Bridge Project 10th Anniversary Dinner - Marketing Strategy
  • Strategy for Marketing (department)
  • Ongoing Brand Marketing advice and coaching

What they said

'Branding can be a bit of a black art and it takes the right balance of text-book learning with practical application to execute it properly today. Karin has that expertise and provides a valuable resource to take your business forward through brand development.'

Andrew Mckenzie, Executive Secretary for Communications at World YMCA.

''Karin's insights have enabled us to develop and confidently execute a more sophisticated marketing and brand strategy. In particular, I appreciate Karin’s responsiveness to our evolving priorities and her willingness to turn new pieces of work around fast.  I particularly value Karin’s unique ability to build relationships with members of the team,  motivating and supporting them to deliver more advanced outcomes.  Karin has become a critical support and strategic advisor to me and other members of our management team.'  

Fiona Anderson, GM of Engagement, YMCA Victoria.

'Karin has worked on a number of projects that required a high degree of marketing skill, while also balancing the ability to apply things in a practical way. She balances this perfectly helping the Marketing team with her expertise on brand, campaigns, marketing strategy and team development.
Karin works well with different teams and skill levels and balances professionalism and a friendly approach perfectly.
Karin has been an invaluable asset to helping our team and our work.'

Bec Schafer, Marketing Manager, YMCA Victoria.



CASE STUDY 4: THE START-UP + Social Enterprise

My Little Perfect (MLP) was founded in 2014 by Maggie Vaiopoulous. MLP creates bespoke art, paper goods, and children’s linen from a studio at the Abbotsford Convent. The designs are inspired by Maggie's deep passion for colour and learning through art.

Since 2016 Sodablue has partnered with MLP to ‘bring out the best’ in their new brand and promotion's.

Services provided

We have provided the following services and support to MLP;

  • Purpose ‘Why’ workshop
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Planning
  • Content Planning
  • Annual marketing Calendar
  • Ongoing Marketing advice and coaching


What they said

'With the insight that Karin, Sodablue's founder, provides, along with her passion to find the gap in the market for your brand, develop campaigns directed to your target audience and support you as an individual in this process, I couldn't recommend Sodablue highly enough.They provide a thorough, directed, targeted and caring approach to building your brand.'

Maggie Vaiopoulous, Founder, MLP.



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*BANNER IMAGE CREDIT: Kontrast Interiors.